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I will make the best blog review about Food and Cooking topics

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Creating article
+ $20
I will create the article with a minimum of 400 words, free of plagiarism, you can provide/put up to 3 links and the link will do-follow permanent as the post will not be marked to make it more natural and safe
Extra long review
+ $50
The blog post will exceed 1000 words.
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About this offer

I Will Helps Your Company Succeed In Search Engine Optimization. With Seo, Your Business Wants To Increase Its Visibility In Search Results On Search Engines Like Google And Bing. You Specifically Focus On Search Results Related To Your Company, Products, Services, Or Industry.

About the influencer

Sani Agustiva

Sani Agustiva

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My name is Sani. I'm providing link-building services on Niche Blogs. I have a very good selection of highly authoritative blogs. Where I can help promote your business or product and increase SERP.

My job every day is :

Ensure that all websites and internet properties under my networks have been technically optimized to attract and engage those visitors that closely match the agreed profile of the target audience.

Create the necessary technical architecture.

Build systems and protocols internally that ensure all content is optimized across all platforms and user experiences (websites, mobile, social, video, blogs, retail portals, etc).

Help set, and work on, performance indicators for SEO that everyone understands and which complement overall marketing and business objectives.

Promote both offsite and onsite activities and also the interactions that build ranking, profile and traffic.


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