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I will like, comment, or interact with a brand's post

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I will like, comment, or interact with your brand's post, depending on what you want. My instagram often features food, travel, restaurants, cocktails, cooking, and cats.

About the influencer

Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan

11K Reach

Cecilia Tan is an award-winning novelist and writer. Her travels take her to many of the most interesting places in the world, where she is always seeking out the most amazing foodie experiences, best places to stay, and everything is "research" for some future book. She writes science fiction, fantasy, and romance, and is followed by readers of all these genres. Always a proponent of social justice, Cecilia posts often about racial equality, freedom of expression and gender equality, and environmental issues. When she is closer to home (which is currently nearly always in the age of the pandemic), she is still outspoken while also continuing to share much of her home life including her cats, her home decor projects, and her never-ending obsessions with tea, wine, and cocktails.


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