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you give me a task i have a high level of likeability when it comes to talking to people some would call me very charismatic I chose to be more from a more humble perspective and just say I can relate to people very well

About the influencer

Maxim Dudko

Maxim Dudko

223 Reach

Rush_In_Tiger is a rapidly growing Twitch and YouTube channel.  Specializing in:



-Virtual Reality

-Guided Tours of Virtual Reality including Decentraland

-Metaverse Tours

-FPS (First Person Shooter Games)

-Magic the Gathering (MTG)


Rush_In_Tiger has an international audience and the primary demographic reached is males between the ages of 18-35 and males ages 36-45.
As a brand, Rush_In_Tiger has developed a cult-like niche following with an extremely ENGAGED and LOYAL fanbase.  
Partner with Rush_In_Tiger for incredible exposure for your brand to a diverse audience with buying power. and engage an crowd of fans who embrace the future of gaming, technology, and investments.

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