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As long as it is and idea we can get behind an it aligns with our fanbase and values. Related to deathcore/metalcore/death metal and adjacent/industry relevant.

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Daniel Whitehouse

Daniel Whitehouse

41K Reach

We aspire to bring underground music to the forefront of today's social, digital age. Putting fans and artists first heavily represents our core values. We have a vision that the industry will be brought back into the hands of those it belongs to. The mission will be to be the community leader in the influencer world of social media record labels by providing incredible outreach and customer service that surpasses our competitors and offers consistent, worthwhile content for our clients.

We will provide world-class customer service and aspire to be category killers in the industry. We will provide personal 1-1 social media engagement to inspire and empower our clients to choose us over our competition. Our broad skill-set will influence the quality of our products in significant ways.


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