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I will review products andwrite articles for beauty, fashion, travel, home

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About this offer

Good morning! I hope you are all well!

My name is Viviana, I live in Italy and I have been a Lifestyle influencer for 6 years with 11400k followers on Instagram. You only have to take a look at my Instagram feed to see that I'm enthusiastic about discovering and trying new products.

If you are willing to collaborate with influencers, I would love to do a sponsored post of your articles.

Let me know if you have any opportunities open at the moment.

Best regards,

About the influencer

vivi z

vivi z

25K Reach

I am Viviana,  I have a blog "VLifestyle" , where i post outfit and lifestyle pictures, beauty posts and reviews of products and companies!

This is how i usually do collabs: I get to choose some items from your shop, and you send it to me! After i receive it, i will post about them on my social media platforms .  I will always link back the items directly to your shop, so it’s very easy access to my readers!
Best regard

Blogger VLifestyle - Fashion, Beauty, Health, Travel, Reviews


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