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I will Promote and tag on my story

1 Social Engagement on Instagram

Account #1 (106K Reach)

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In-depth engagement
+ $15
An in-depth Instagram comment will exceed 100 words.
Repeat Engagement
+ $20
I'll reply to my Instagram comment thread mentions for 2 days.
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Collaborate with me to promote your product to my large social media audience! I have over 100k followers on instagram & over 60k on TikTok
I specialize in creating quality, creative content that engages my audience. Let's work together to increase brand visibility and drive sales!

About the influencer

Juvahn Victoria

Juvahn Victoria

106K Reach
Meet Juvahn she is a verified influencer and model with a passion for empowering people through beauty and fashion. With an extensive background and proven track record working with beauty and fashion brands, Juvahn has fine-tuned the art of promoting products organically and effectively to her audience. As a highly regarded influencer, Juvahn is known for creating content that resonates with people and inspires them to embrace their unique beauty. Boasting over 200k followers across all social media platforms, Juvahn uses her platforms to effectively reach a broad audience and make a positive impact. With years of modeling experience and extensive knowledge of and fashion industries, Juvahn has collaborated with top brands in the industry, including Chopard & Sephora . Juvahn has created content that truly captures each brand's identity with her personal touch, and audiences that are genuine and enjoyable. Whether through shoots, social media collaborations, or brand ambassadorships, Juvahn operates with a professional and personal touch, delivering the highest quality content that is not only helpful but also inspiring for her audience. You can guarantee that when you work with Juvahn, you're collaborating with an invaluable and trustworthy partner who is dedicated to promoting your brand and boosting engagement with your target audience.

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