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I will write blog review or article for your brand

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I can write a blog review of your product or brand or relatable, relevant post with back links. blog posts will include photos and will be share back to my Pinterest account which receives more than 1 million monthly views.

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Emily Supiot

Emily Supiot

105K Reach

Emily Supiot | photography educator Photographer Creator of Shoot it Sensational! The program that helps moms learn photography to capture gorgeous shots of their kids! Free photo goodies for you [link-omitted]

Hold [link-omitted] me introduce myself.

I'm Emily and I help moms who want to take gorgeous photos of their kids.!

15 years ago I was a grade school teacher and new mom who wanted to learn photography so that I could capture EVERYTHING my 4 kids did.

Little did I know back then that learning how to take a good portrait would be the SPARK that ignited my full time portrait photography business!

I believe that learning photography DOES NOT need to be technical or confusing. It should be fun!

Learning a simple framework will improve your portrait photography skills faster so that you feel absolute confidence behind the camera, LOVE the pictures you take of your kids and have the skillset to do even more with your photography skills one day!


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