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I will post a review of your products and service

1 Social Review on Facebook

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I will post a review of your products (Like, but not limited to watch, shoe, and fitness related products) and services in our social media account.

About the influencer

Que Gavan

Que Gavan

232K Reach

I'm a licensed engineer but now a full time homeschooling mom and working on our family business. 

I write about running , fitness, and product / gadget features in [link-omitted] and practical life tips, home products, food/ restaurant and hotel reviews on [link-omitted]. 

I also write about book reviews, educational toy/tool reviews, and app reviews, homeschooling, tips and tricks based on our homeschool experience, book/ product feature and reviews in [link-omitted]. 

I'm also as contributor to a well known parenting site in the Philippines, mostly on education or school-related articles.


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