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I will post a social review on instagram

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Review various products from products, beauty, health, lifestyle, and various activities on social media with informative captions and interesting photos

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Ninin Rahayu Sari

Ninin Rahayu Sari

15K Reach

Hi, my name is Ninin Rahayu Sari.

I work as a journalist, at least that's what it says on my ID card. Becoming a journalist and dedicating myself to the world of writing may not have been part of my childhood dreams, but it has become a life choice that I love.

Officially, my career as a journalist in the national media ended in late 2018, but I have continued to solidify my commitment to sharing information. Whereas in the past I channeled my writing into Home Living Magazine and Tabloid Bintang Home, now I share information and knowledge on my blog [link-omitted]. Presenting [link-omitted] is also my way of not wanting to part ways with the world of writing. That's why I added the word 'writing' in the blog domain.

There is no difference between the two, whether being a journalist or a blogger. Both require professionalism in writing. Consistently presenting accurate information and avoiding content that contains elements of discrimination (ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group) are the professional attitudes I instill in every piece of writing.

My educational background is in Bachelor of Architecture. If you're surprised and puzzled as to why an architect becomes a writer, then here's my answer, "being an architect or a writer, both are service occupations that offer comfort. An architect provides comfort through the building designs they create, while a writer provides comfort through the information they share through writing." So there's nothing wrong with an architect becoming a writer, right?

From an accident to not wanting to part with the writing activity, those are the sentences that can describe my writing journey. I began my writing career in 2001 as a journalist at Tabloid Bintang Home. At that time, my only goal was to meet my idol actors, and I am grateful that it happened. Since then, I found myself unable to stop writing. My writing and information sharing outlets don't just stop at the blog; I am also active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, and still write on Kompasiana.

I also enjoy exploring my abilities by participating in writing competitions. Although not many, I have managed to win several writing competitions on blogs such as Favorite Champion in the NatsBee Honey Lemon Blog Competition 2018, Favorite Champion in the Blog Competition #AksiSehatCeria Dokter Sehat 2018, 3rd Place Favorite Sub-Theme in the KEMENHUB Blogger Writing Competition 2019, and others. Besides that, I also won 3rd place in the PERTAMINA 2021 Podcast Competition.

In my spare time writing and everyday busyness, I always make time to practice yoga. As proof of my seriousness in liking yoga, I have obtained a Certified 200 Hours Yoga Teachers Training. Besides yoga, I also enjoy black coffee without sugar. So, my days are always filled with these three things: writing, yoga, and black coffee. So when shall we have coffee together?


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