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I will to a custom podcast interview with you regarding your pitch

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+ $50
I'll share the Facebook post with all my email subscribers.
Add Story
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I'll add a Facebook story to accompany a standard post.
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I'll do a Facebook video review in excess of 5min.
Custom graphics
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I'll include custom graphics on the Facebook video.
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About this offer

I will create a custom video interview with business owner, content creator, artists. The interview will focus on the pitch you want to promote with your audience and customers. This can be live and/or pre-recorded and will also be available on my audio Podcast Channels for Phantom Electric Ghost via [link-omitted] which is available on Spotify Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and 9 other audio podcast platforms

About the influencer

Keith Gittens-Jones

Keith Gittens-Jones

13K Reach

I interview indie artists, actors and musicians from around the world on my [link-omitted] podcast,  I am the Electronic  musician and Producer Phantom Electric Ghost.  My current fan base is 38.6k and growing.  I have interviewed Billboard pop stars Kendra Erika and Kendra Black plus over 140 indie musicians and bands from DJs to punk rock bands.  Via [link-omitted] I have opened my podcast to models, actors, life coaches, CEOs, entrepreneurs, Shamans, and podcasters.  I have also created pitches on my podcast to promote products and services.  I also promote brands on all of my social media accounts, including Blogger, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as [link-omitted].


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