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I will create an endearing home video ad of my experience with the product

1 Video Review on TikTok

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About this offer

Skincare products and like many of those from L’Oréal’s range of extensive products (with the exception of products from their Men Expert range) are not associated as being used by men and are very often marketed with women in mind, hence in a feminine fashion that leaves men excluded from the prospect of utilising and benefiting from any such product(s). However, the truth is that a lot of men like me (over and above those considered “metrosexual” and/or otherwise) actually do use - to a great extent - products that are typically marketed as “for women” because of the highly positive results often yielded from the use of the product(s). Though it may not be so obvious, men also relish the prospect and actualisation of looking forever young with skin that’s radiating an undeniable youthful glow.

This short at home advert-like video of the products that I use is intended to break through stereotypes with regards to skincare products and their exclusively feminine association, and to transcend the limitations of marketing campaigns that typically exclude men (of all archetypes) and deludes us into feeling emasculated for using or having used these products. The short video - which I hope will beget a string of similar online videos by other male users of “feminine skincare products” - essentially seeks to show a masculine yet softer point of view of “feminine” products that we truly admire and use because they’re worth it (and they really work)!

About the influencer

Bruce Kaka

Bruce Kaka

3K Reach

I create video content that combines the use of video, music and spoken/written word to inspire, educate, provoke and give insight with humour and charisma.


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