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If the content matches the categories specified, I will engage with post(s) by commenting or reposting, depending on the content and associated goals.

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Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller

737 Reach

After working full time and doing school part-time for what seemed like FOREVER, I finally got my masters, quit my job and started traveling. Since then, I’ve met some incredible people, started writing, got married, and am living to tell the tale. I adore travelling and experiencing new cultures. I’m a consummate student of life and I look to books, wise friends, and new experiences to teach me and broaden my horizons. I haven’t made it over to Africa yet, so if you have any recommendations…

I love to eat! I’m a pescatarian. Which, on weeks when money’s tight, means I’m a not so enthusiastic vegetarian. But I do have a weakness…sugar, and salt. Making me a notorious snack monster. Pastries, ice cream, potato chips – yes please! Seriously though, I also love my fruits and veggies. Vegan YouTube recipe channels are my jam. If you ask me what my favorite food is, I’d immediately respond with “sushi”, but then I’d have instant grief and regret because, well, what about crab cakes?! I take it back, my favorite thing to eat is a crab cake sandwich with shoestring french fries. (Even though I just had sushi last night). Anybody else hungry now? 

Music is a huge part of my life. Honestly, it’s like an addiction. Living in the city I’ve become a bit of a public transit aficionado. Basically, I spend inordinate amounts of time on trains, buses, walking, biking, and now scooter-ing, which means I have a LOT of time to consume media. My media of choice just happens to be music. Each month I look forward to listening to a new playlist that I’ve created for myself during the previous month. Yes, I’m aware that Spotify and essentially every other music streaming service creates playlists for its subscribers based on their preferences and there are precise algorithms ensuring 100% satisfaction, but this is different. By curating my own playlists each month, it gives me something to look forward to (other than getting paid) on the first of the month AND each song has some sort of a memory, story, or experience attached. Each month’s vibe is different depending on where I was and what I was doing the month before. For example, my June and May 2021 playlists are filled with Latin American artists I heard during my travels in Mexico. Now I share my playlists with friends and family to aid in that never-ending quest to find the right “vibes”. 

Lifestyle and quality of life are so oftentimes overlooked in the states. So, working out, yoga, eating relatively healthy and minimizing stress are super important to me. I believe in the power of meditation and prayer which looks different for everyone. For me, clearing my mind and focusing on breath are the best ways to jump start my morning. I’ve even taken to journaling over the past couple of years and have found it to be incredibly healthy. My secret garden, or my zen place, is really running. I get to clear my mind of all thoughts and just move. Of course, a good playlist or podcast along the way never hurts. It’s not about being a fitness junkie, just about mental stability and remaining active. I’m hoping to live a long and full life and I want to be able to fully engage in that life until the end. To that end, surrounding myself with loved ones, breaking bread with amazing people, and sharing a good laugh or drink are also all vitally important to living a well-balanced life. 

Wishing everyone an abundance of peace, love and good chi on your journey!


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