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I will offer one promotion video per product 5€

1 Social Share on TikTok

Account #1 (2K Reach)

About this offer

I'm offering one video per product, on my account with details per product link etc pictures of the product would be great .
minimum views 3.000 per week maximum 30.000 per week

About the influencer



2K Reach

I've always wanted to investigate paranormal and conspiracy theories ,huge fan of unsolved murders and police cases it appears doing what you love for fun it can be really good the result of that is 2.400 followers on tiktok regular crowd and more than 100.000 views recently reached 30.000 per week .

Next step 500.000 views

I would be glad to be able to provide products or campaigns .

I really love books ,good movies and mysteries .

I'm a working mom of 2 kids .

Next goal :have my own Paranormal show


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