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I will do Facebook Review

1 Social Review on Facebook

Account #1 (133 Reach)

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I'll share the Facebook post to my non-Facebook accounts.
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I'll share the Facebook post with all my email subscribers.
Video Review in Facebook Page
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I like making video review and I’ll post it in my social medias like Instagram, Facebook page and personal account.
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About this offer

I would like to do a clothing review. I have a Facebook page post that reach near 1 thousand subscribers and I also have YouTube channel that’s has 10,000 subscribers. I have many friends who always supports me I’m pretty sure I can be able to do my task . The uniques in me as an influencer is always thank positive one I believe everything starts on low before you can reach the high and better future. if you will work there’s success . if you’re successful it’s all worth it.

About the influencer

Jumarie Pilapil

Jumarie Pilapil

11K Reach

Hello I’m Jumarie Pilapil. You can call me Jam. I’m from the Philippines and I’m very interested in Small business and there products. I do Vlogs of my home country on my YouTube and I post pictures from home on my Instagram but I’m looking to expand what I do and I’d love to look at the products you have. My hobbies are travel and photography as well as karaoke and dancing I have a pet dog so I’m happy to do pet based products as well.

I am glad that I found this platform and I know this is my opportunity to level up my channel and at the same time help small businesses to boost their market by doing honest product review. I already have product review in my channel and I always tell the honest review if it’s worth to buy.

 I can’t wait to hear from all of you and help expand my channels and your reach and to promote any small businesses I can.


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