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I will make a video post of what the brand wishes to put across.

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By this I mean to share the post on tiktok and then share its link to the rest of my social media accounts all at the same price still.
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About this offer

I look towards making a video according to the Brand's description of what they want to communicate to the audience and then share it, and in addition share the post on all my social media accounts.

About the influencer

Kato Jeremiah

Kato Jeremiah

16K Reach

Am offering a diploma in mechanical and production engineering at the university. I want to engage into something that's good and interesting to do especially in line with the internet such that I explore more and also be updated with current issues. Am good at content creation as i have done some research about it and i practice it. On the other hand am also experienced in word processing programs  with a two years experience, and I have other different computer skills.
Personally i like online business, networking, fashion, eating all kinds of foods, travelling, adventure, multitasking.
I enjoy movies almost all kinds, using social media, taking soft drinks of all kinds, playing games of all kinds and categories, outings, dates and many more.
Am also interested in technology, making new discoveries, some kind of reading, marketing, socialising, to mention but a few.


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