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I will Share Your Content 5 Times on Twitter

1 Social Share on Twitter

Account #1 (10K Reach)

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+ $50
I'll share the Tweet with all my email subscribers.
+ $25
I'll Retweet on Twitter up to 3 different times.
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About this offer

Our team will craft 5 Tweets with varied copy.

Tweets will be schedules 3-5 days apart, and will run until all 5 have gone live.

- Link will be to content chosen by you
- We will encourage our collaborative network of bloggers and business pros to retweet your content

About the influencer

Anthony Gaenzle

Anthony Gaenzle

24K Reach

Anthony is the Founder of [link-omitted] (a digital marketing agency) and has 15+ years of experience in the marketing, multimedia, and blogging spaces. He is the published author of two books, including [link-omitted] and [link-omitted]. Beyond running the agency, Anthony is the founder of [link-omitted], a [link-omitted] with content from pros from across the world. The content is focused on tips to help small businesses, startups, and creative minds grow. Throughout his 15+ years in the marketing and multimedia fields, Anthony has worked with companies across a wide variety of industries and disciplines, achieving significant growth in brand awareness, lead generation, revenue, and other critical areas. He also helps individuals build influence and thought leadership through powerful personal branding. Follow Anthony on [link-omitted]or connect on [link-omitted].


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