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I will make reviews in my YouTube channel

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

I would like to make video reviews of various products including ( beauty - makeup tools - makeup products - clothes - jewelry - fitness ) in my YouTube Channel and give my honest opinion.

About the influencer

Helena Magarian

Helena Magarian

1K Reach

I'm Helena Magarian, my profession is a Visual Artist/Painter and Makeup Artist, I've been working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts since my graduation in 2013, in addition to I've been giving many drawing courses for several years.
I've worked in the psychological support field through practicing visual arts contained meditative exercises, and making art designs that has psychological concepts and dimensions, as well as I've participated in many art exhibitions.
Also, I have a YouTube channel that is basically about beauty ( makeup , hair, life style.. ), I've a lot of interest in beauty and fashion, and for me doing makeup is not just a way to look differently beautiful but also it is another way to express our self by making art and dive into a colorful world, and my main field in art absolutely effected and added more experience in to my makeup skills.
I seek to make various useful videos in my channel as well.
My other skills are photography, playing piano, singing and I've participated in many musical concerts.
I look forward to try new things and have new experiences that I can share and inspire the world with as a good creative influencer.


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