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1 Social Engagement on YouTube

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About this offer

I'm going to promote a product on YouTube with a video that I can make myself. I will provide the best service. I will also be open to receiving criticism and input from potential customers.

About the influencer

Yusnita Alfalah Setia

Yusnita Alfalah Setia

3 Reach

I am Yusnita Alfalah Setia. I was born on September 8, 1998. I am the eldest of two children. I was born in Indonesia. My English skills are quite good and I can also speak a little Korean. I have a hobby of reading and writing books. I like reading non-fiction books. From my pleasure in writing, I have published one of my personal books on [link-omitted]. since school I was known as a disciplined and punctual student. My achievement in school is that my writing was once a favorite article on our school wall magazine. In 2016 I started studying at one of the universities in my city. By majoring in law. As a law scholar. My college major helped me become a critical, analytical and conscientious person. When I went to college in 2016 I was already actively using a blog on [link-omitted]. early 2016, I began to learn how to manage a blog that is good and true self-taught. But after a few years, my skills got better and better. I started trying to write some articles and started submitting them to various online media. Not a few of these media accepted my writings and finally published them in the mass media. Since then I feel confident in my writing and my ability in blogging. I continue to do my blogging activities while still learning to be better in the future. Apart from being a blogger with experience writing articles in several online media as a freelancer or his own blog. I also have experience in the world of advertising through the media because previously I worked in a news media office and held an admin role. With a long experience as a blogger from 2016 until now, my ability to blog cannot be doubted. Some of my articles have also been published by several mass media. Besides that, my social media network is quite extensive, so the things I post get lots of views and positive comments from people. For my own advertising activities, I usually use mass media in the form of Twitter, Facebook, personal blogs and also YouTube. My ability to speak makes some visitors feel interested. Some of the products that I promote on YouTube make visitors interested in trying them. In addition, promotions through the mass media Facebook have more mixed reactions by visitors. My experience while promoting using Facebook is that people can interact easily with us and from the feedback given by the audience it can be used as an evaluation for us.

On the blog that I have there are several posts of my articles and writings. In recent times, I have not had time to add posts to the blog. But even so, there are still quite a lot of visitors who come to read my writings there and I believe my blog can help me and potential customers to promote there.

To consumers who want to try to use my services, please contact me. Because you came to the right person. I am a professional and punctual person. My motivation is customer satisfaction is the main thing. I will do my job carefully and thoroughly.

Seee my blog 



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