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If your product or service post concerns software, online tools, courses, or books, I would love to share it with my audience. My followers are international and work in translation, localization, linguistics, SEO, web design, and tourism. They will be delighted to hear about it!

About the influencer

Irene Koukia

Irene Koukia

6K Reach

Technical/Economics Translator, Translator Trainer, Economist, Business Coach, Web Designer, SEO Expert and Conference Speaker. I am a native speaker of Greek and German and a Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) specialist.

I am an early adopter of new and innovative software solutions and love automation. I constantly try new tools to minimize mistakes and run my business more smoothly.

I am interested in promoting software solutions and online tools. My audience is eager to learn and try out new solutions. I am also interested in economics, business, marketing, and coaching books.

I have been in the market for over 15 years and have loyal followers who trust me and respect my opinion. If I find a product or service interesting, they will try it out.

Contact me to discuss how your product or service can be promoted among people who value your solutions.


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