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I will promote your product/brand on TikTok.

1 Social Review on TikTok

Account #1 (4K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $25
I'll share the TikTok post to my non-TikTok accounts.
Logo visible on TikTok Live & Twitch stream
+ $25
Your logo will be visible for the entirety of the stream on TikTok and Twitch.
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About this offer

I’m a Belgian variety streamer on TikTok (and Twitch). My TikTok followers are currently 74% male and 26% female and most of them are between 18-34 years old. My content is in Dutch. the last 28 days, I’ve had 17.6K total views on my TikTok LIVE, 233 new followers, 1000 unique viewers every TikTok Live, 5253 video views and 711 profile views. I can review/use a product/brand while I’m streaming or I can post videos about it. I could also have a logo visible on stream throughout the entirety of the stream. I’m also interested in organising giveaways.

About the influencer

yo itsyolene

yo itsyolene

6K Reach

Hi there! I go by the username yoitsyolene and I'm a Belgian variety streamer on Tiktok and Twitch. I'm obsessed with gaming, technology and my dog Bailey.


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