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I'm a spiritual person who loves animals & pets, nature & the outdoors, I love indulging in some self care with a good spiritual bath ritual & a good hot beverage of chose, I love doing creative crafts & art, my greatest aspiration is to be as authentic, honest & kind as I can be & to take joy in the little things that life has to offer, for often joy & peace is found in the most unlikely of places like a good book or tea or in the company of nature & our beloved animal friends or sometimes in a good self care routine. Expressing authenticity is my highest priority. I would love to help businesses by promoting & sharing their products that alligns with my values & passions, together we grow, together we bloom.

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Melissa van Heerden

Melissa van Heerden

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I like anything weird, spooky, paranormal, horror, gaming, spiritual, witchy, animal or nature related.. I love spending time with my animals and the people I care about.. I want to spread truth, love and light into the world and I like to educate others on uniformed topics.. I'm very into holistic and spiritual healing and herbalism.. I like getting creative and like many forms of art including music, painting, reading, writing, photography, poetry, gaming and also film. I am a spiritual YouTuber as well as a Film Maker and SFX make-up artist (I love to do gore effect) and I also enjoy playing video games and watching movies in my spare time.


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