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I have about 6k followers on my Facebook platform, being a traveling photographer I reach many peers in my industry and other my platform is large and expanding! 

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Laylonna L Hurley

Laylonna L Hurley

19K Reach

Hi, I’m Laylonna Hurley, been in the industry for 33years, magazine editor for 7 years and new book author with a 5 book series sold on Barnes & Nobles, in 2019 I became a designer, I take old military parachutes and make them into wearable art( dresses and skirts for every beautiful shape of a female form!) my goal is to be a positive and uplifting influence on all those I come in contact with to leave behind a legacy that is filled with embrace one's beauty and seeing the beauty in others! I became a tiktok influence to continue to do just that, leave a lasting impression filled with self love, and positive vibes! I wanna continue to do that with brands I work with as well! 


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