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I will create a detailed post on your product/service and top #tags & share.

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Charisma and authenticity is key in reaching specified target audiences. That is what makes me stand out in driving results.

I will post (tag/mention your page) and engage audience on your products and services to help identifying what makes it stand out.

Also share using current top and trending hashtags and key words to increase reach.

About the influencer

Catey Cathy

Catey Cathy

703 Reach

Rapid and sustainable user growth is my true passion. Social media and marketing are my second love. I'm Los Angeles CA based social media consultant and speaker helping entrepreneurs, brands and businesses create social media strategies that work and leveraging the power of social media to grow online! Getting a life changing product into the hands of hundreds of people is my calling. Being able to indulge many people to achieve the above provides me with enormous gratification. In Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I have the unique privilege to indulge in all the above. I am nimble, fast paced and straight forward ensuring everything I post is easy to read and effective. 


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