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All of my followers right now are people who know me personally and trust my opinions. I am very vocal about things I love and people often try products that I recommend, even when not sponsored. I am a sales person at heart, I love sharing new products with people that I believe in.

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Annie Pierson

Annie Pierson

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Florida State University graduate with a degree in Editing, Writing and Media. Experienced social media manager and digital marketing expert. Lover of all things pop culture, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health. Living with a chronic kidney disease, adult ADHD, anxiety and depression. Have experienced exponential loss and not afraid to talk about it or share my experience in order to bring comfort to others in similar situations. I am particularly interested in helping young women, especially those who have lost a parent, by giving them advice or sharing my personal experiences. My goal is to be the big sister that I never got to have, to all the other young girls like me. Growing up is confusing and hard, I have noticed that Tik Tok has become a great place to learn about yourself and receive validation through knowing that others feel the same way. 


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