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1. post story
2. post feed
3. make a reel

all this can make viewer believe in your product as marketing. I will post 3times a week

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Just a cupcake looking for a stud muffin.

Lifestyle + Photography + basically just fun stuff /Malaysia

You know your worth. Because ugly could one of it or worst both.
General rule, man or boy attracted to beauty. So does girl or women. We human loves beauty, in fact God too loves beauty. Allahu jamalu wa yuhibbu jamil (god is beautiful and loves beauty). If you look around, you will see how beautiful our earth is, or used to be, this is just a proof that he loves beauty.

So, its either you are hidden, they scared at you, you live in a place that man are attracted to man or mengorat is forbid or yes you are ugly.

But believe me, one day they will come a man who will see your beauty and fall in love with you. Because love make everything beautiful. May your man is on his way. Your value as a human being is not on how much man attracted to you or how beautiful are you. You are worth more than that. You are beautiful in your own way, unique in that way.

  • Be matured and dont be too narrow, love and live. May this answer your question, this is a personal opinion of Daniel Harris.

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