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I will write a review or sponsored post

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About this offer

Written in an engaging style, Life Love and Dirty Dishes offers sponsored posts and reviews written with humour, heart and honesty.

I have over 20 years of marketing and copywriting experience. The blog has been going strong for 79years.

Posts will include images, one of them pinable, and will be search engine optimised.

About the influencer

Claire Kirby

Claire Kirby

25K Reach

My name is Claire. I am the founder of Life, Love and Dirty Dishes. An award winning website with a focus on parenting, and lifestyle, including mindfullness and organisation.

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes has been running for 9 years, and I have built a reputation for quality and professionalism with my clients.

I offer a quick turn around with professional and engaging articles.  All articles are written to a high standard and search engine optimised.  

I am also a conrent writer and have a portfolio of work from work I have produced on a range of subjects for clients to boost their sales and increase their subkect authority.

Where applicable Pinterest images will be created and shared.

I have a loyal audience of predominantly females aged 20-50.  My blog has a parenting and lifestyle slant.


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