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I will validly promote the offer of your choice, I have the perfect audience and give fair reviews. I am honest and open. I enjoy the option to give my well fair opinion of products that’s needed to be reviewed by the company to bring in new clientele.

About the influencer

Tiara Little

Tiara Little

29K Reach

Tiara Little owner of Unique The Brand was born and raised in Charlotte. “I have been given this life to find the upmost joy in networking, building brands and providing great awareness for the consumers.” She quoted when speaking about her business. Tiara was driven to this industry by being inspired through other Marketing Moguls. Looking up to other positive influential people, great peers as well as her wonderful parents. Anticipating year four coming around operating Unique the Brand, Tiara has been granted verification from Google and is now awaiting her trademark to be approved upon the Government’s facilitation. Representing all over the United States this company will generate and market others with great expertise. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Full Interview:

Where are you from and explain life growing up? I am from Charlotte, North Carolina born and raised. I grew up in a well educated, well rounded home, I was taught to be respectful and work hard for all of my needs and wants.
When did you decide you wanted to start your own business?
I decided to start, “Unique the Brand” September of 2017

What exactly do you offer as far as services and why would a company /
artists want to work with you?
 Unique the Brand offers: Marketing (of course) Brand building, reconstructional business building and starting from an understanding of how to target your market. Unique the Brand also develops a plan with easy to follow steps to assist in coaching business owners with their business growth.

How do you plan on continuing to grow? I plan to expand my brand and growth by networking more as well as using different platforms to make sure my business is discovered by a variety of other business owners and networks.

Has the current COVID-19 situation affected your business in anyway?COVID-19 has affected my business, many entrepreneurs retired from their field, taking a break with no clientele and no hope in sight. COVID-19 has also released new entrepreneurs into my path.

What was the most difficult part of starting an agency from scratch?
The most difficult part of starting an agency from scratch would be me wondering where the majority of my business would come from, determining who to accept as clients, and knowing how to dress it up and make it real (As my favorite artist Future said) Having the right marketing material as well as professional pictures. Structure is very important to me.

How do you deal with bad clients? I deal with bad clients by providing GREAT customer service, this is a reflection of business and reviews to come. As a business owner, I make it easy for us to come to an agreement with the perfect solution to fix the problem. I provide great quality and an experience to remember, they always return. No disrespect is tolerated in my business world, and that’s coming from both parts.

What’s your biggest goal for the year?
My biggest goal for the year is to rebuild my resume by adding new marketing experience and collaborating with an awesome company who can support me in my level up.

What other life goals do you have outside of your current business? Other life goals I have set for myself would be me becoming a HOMEOWNER and being able to be a light to other entrepreneurs willing to start their own business.

What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur who wants to start
their own business?

Advice that I would give to a young entrepreneur would be to: Start fresh, don’t start scared, be reflective, find informative information of the type of business you wish to start, via YouTube and Instagram, listen carefully to their success stories and use it as motivation and strength. Always remember who your audience is and target them, STRONG.

Tiara CEO of Unique the Brand


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