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I will I will post to my feed indefinitely

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I'll add your custom link to my Instagram bio for at least 1 week.
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I'll add your custom link to my Linktree for at least 1 month.
Holiday Seasonpromotions in post and Stories
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•post to my feed and stories for entire holiday season •link in •if I can customize to my feed
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About this offer

I will post on my feed indefinitely and provide link in [link-omitted], IF I believe in the company, IF I have tried or had an experience with the product. Is handicap, family, teenagers and pet friendly. AND if I can customize to my feed after first 36 hours.

(I am open to running holiday promotions in stories and in my feed for additional fees.)

My audience is mostly Stay-at-home moms with kids 12 plus. They love home decor. Are going through a loss of identity now that their kids are tweens & teens, independent & “Mom” was their career.

I have been diagnosed SLE/Sjogren’s Overlap Syndrome and am in a lot of pain some days. I’ve also lost a lot of my hair, but I’m part of a wonderful organization called THE MOM LINK and they have come together to buy me a wig!

I’m very protective of my moms. My “followers” are not quantity they are quality and I consider them my family and friends that I’ve built through 100% organic engagement. I don’t promote or share anything that I don’t believe will benefit them.

(Please understand I am also a life purpose coach and I will be promoting myself and my courses as well.)

I feature small and handmade businesses as I used to be one as well until I fell I’ll.

I am also a Pit Bull advocate and I feature them on my feed every now and again. My motley crew has been through hell and back and I’m their voice. We have fostered and brought vetted senior Pitties into our home from horrible shelters and circumstances so that they had a peaceful and loving home to cross over the rainbow bridge instead of concrete floors.

My hope is that your brand and I can build a relationship as well as “do” business together. I appreciate you, the business you’ve built , your employees and their family.

With a grateful heart from my crazy family to yours,
May you all stay healthy and safe!

Dani Simone McDermott
Out of My Bloomin’ Mind, LLC

PS: Price does NOT include extra promotions below. DOES include use of my pictures for your promotional purposes as long as they are legal and moral. I will have a contract drawn for you.

About the influencer

Dani McDermott

Dani McDermott

3K Reach

I'm Dani, WAHM of two teenagers. A tweenage hormonal torturer (girl) and a man/boy who knows EVERYTHING. Fosters to too many senior Pitties on their way over that rainbow bridge. Now have adopted 2 Pitties from hurricane areas and (1)-100 lb brute from a box in the street in Ohio. I couldn't say no!  Married to a Cancer Warrior (and not too bad looking) guy/dad/soccer coach. Omg, we sound like the Cleavers! Trust me, we're not! 

I've been an entrepreneur since birth. I took the heads off my sister's Barbies, switched their bodies, new bling, and shoes, and there you had the "New and Improved Brunette's Only, Barbie Club"! and sold them for $2 each at school! Mom, not happy. Dad, Impressed. 

I really have come to love showing off people's work that I believe in. Featuring them in my stories and keeping them in my highlights. I'm a former Paper Florist, ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming! Lol. Yep, I've made an art of taking a seemingly simple piece of paper and made it turn into life. Kidding, but close.

I love social media. I feel more myself than anywhere else. Sometimes I can come off a little Ellen Degenerous with ADHD, bc, well, I have ADHD. Lol. At any rate, Instagram has been my home since I started my first page in 2016, which I left to start over. I refreshed, reframed, and rebranded, and ran into my new family in the home decor community. They are mostly in the Farmhouse style, Farmhouse Chic, and Rae Dunn Lovers communities.

Running you own handmade business ended costing me too much time away from my family, I lost so much time which I can’t get back with my kids,  I worked 18 hour days and I was a one-woman shop so it was very difficult to keep up with the orders. Until 2019 and life caught up with me, rendering my talent useless. Yeah(sigh). 

So, I took a break. I regrouped last February when a great friend of mine invited me into this new platform that I couldn't figure out for the life of me. Club House, now, I can't NOT be in there! I have met so many incredible people. A lot of them, I never would have had the nerve to approach before, now have become my friends and have taught me the art of networking. I hadn't realized that it could be so fun and that I could make a difference. So I'm back, rebuilding my accounts and in about three weeks my Pinterest stats have gone up 237% from one post on one board and it's all been organic.  

It's called "What does your happy look like". I love it. And I love that so many are coming over to my IG and engaging. My engagement rates have been from 6% up to 30% and I'm really excited as I see a new wave of friends that I have not yet met to my IG family. 

Since I have gotten sick, I've been learning how to move my body again and I'm getting stronger. My playful nature and sarcasm are returning, which is a very good thing! I can't wait to work with you! Just, no marathons yet, please! 


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