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I will create an Ar experience for your business and brand

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There are just so many possibilities when it comes to augmented [link-omitted] Is a whole new form if creative expression. I'm more than happy to grow your brand or your business in cresting AR experiences that are engaging to your audience and experiences that help you communicate and connect with your audience

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eva gachau

eva gachau

341 Reach
My name is Eve. social media and digital marketing are my passion I find joy in helping entrepreneurs, brands and businesses create social media and strategies that work and leveraging the power of social media to grow their brands. I’m currently a creative freelancer working on media art projects. Most of my time is focused on ideating and creating augmented reality experiences for brands. I find inspiration  in a variety of places. I enjoy simply watching the world around me and seeing how people interact and behave, especially with AR. It makes me happy that I can use this medium to create experiences that help people communicate and connect with each other.
I'm more than happy to help brands explore more artistically abstract experiences. 

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