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I will review your product on my blog

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About this offer

* I will post a product review 400+ words (depending on what I have to work with). This includes photos of the product, do-follow links, front page posting and it becomes a permanent part of the blog archives.
* My blog averages 2000-3000 views/visitors per day.
* Each post is sent to 1000+ e-mail subscribers
* Each post is created with SEO in mind and includes subheadings, internal links, alt photo tags and more.
* I've worked with hundreds of companies over the years and can provide a lot of example links if requested.
* I am open to any product/service of interest to women, parents, nerd/geeks.

About the influencer

Candy Keane

Candy Keane

143K Reach

The short version: I'm a former costume designer/costume shop owner turned mom blogger. Now instead of selling costumes, I play dress-up on Instagram for my creative outlet.

The full bio: Candy Keane won her first costume contest at age five and fell in love with the creativity that goes into making costumes, and the excitement of dressing up as her favorite characters. In 2005 she turned her love of costuming into a full-time business and created Three Muses Inspired Clothing. She built the business as an e-commerce website for four years before she opened the Three Muses Costume Boutique in Jacksonville, FL.

During that time Candy was featured in several publications for her cosplay, and her costume handiwork can be seen in Movies and TV. She became well known after appearing on the cover of the [link-omitted] DVD. She was also a featured cosplay guest and costume contest judge at many conventions.

After seven fun years of making and selling costumes, she closed her shop in 2016 and made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom. During that time she started writing about her experience, struggles, challenges and occasional triumphs as a first-time parent with a highly active little boy. The result is her blog, [link-omitted]  it’s like a mom blog, but geekier. In 2020 she released her first children’s book, [link-omitted], now available on Amazon.

Candy still continues to enjoy cosplay and costuming as a hobby, and she firmly believes you are never too old to dress up and have fun.


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