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I will I will always focus on the 6 P’s of Marketing

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About this offer

I will always focus on the product, price, promotion,packaging, positioning and people. When creating the marketing direction for your Business. I’m able to express myself and convey concepts to others in a clear, concessive, and engaging way. This will be essential in learning the details to focus on. my goal is Staying true to your audience keeping their attention with new and Trendy concepts. This will always be in the forefront of my campaign.

About the influencer

Shiree McClendon

Shiree McClendon

100K Reach

I’m a Freelance Business owner & Social Media Manager with experience equivalent to a Masters Degree in Business Marketing, social Media management and content creating. While Implementing, and optimizing social media data has given me the ability to strategize for companies and brands with a collective 11M+ followers. I’ve Relentlessly focused on generating new revenue and high volume tickets by Scaling in departments that has smaller profit margins. Taking that into consideration, I Prioritized what lacked detail and need from the buyer but had a strong personality. We Repositioned & Revamped it’s online presentation insuring the integrity of the product remains intact. Develop new understanding how to source a product without compromising the integrity of packaging and most importantly creating a presence that will stand out amongst similar brands. My professional desire is to Build and grow a brand through paid SEO and organic Ads. I’ve personally designed, package launched and Marketed 4 products, 2 of which reached its goal of $150k it’s first year in just 10 months. Using a creative marketing plan has gotten the attention of over $7M Customers whom started As followers, subscribers and friends on Social Media. Im A self starter that’s has run multiple corporations through Ads , Digital Marketing, Websites, Paid & Organic Social Media Optimization. Ive humble took on major projects such as Product Development, Graphic Designing, and Gain Global Exposure .I take pride in my experience with being able to operate the Payroll, Hiring, training, SEO, Shipping & Receiving, Marketing, Tax, and the Administration Departments.


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