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About this offer

I can present energized, serious or compelling, and even lighthearted, fun or humorous videos for products and services that work and that I believe in. In the area of entertainment I can also sing. I have a 3 1/5 octave range and I perform r&b, hip-hop, gospel, some jazz and some classical genres.

About the influencer

Debórah Benton

Debórah Benton

12K Reach

Ah, who am I and what have I done? In a nutshell, I live and breathe best when I'm in the moment and in public spaces: on a stage (large or small) family room or kitchen, in front of a microphone, staring into the lens of a camera, or in the dark with a flashlight. The audience size can be 2 people or 200K people. It's all the same to me; as long as it equates to a living breathing 'In-The-Moment Audience.' Vocalist: I began singing as a child; I suppose that's where I developed my love for the stage and live a live presence. I went on to college, earned a bachelor's in Communications, specializing in Radio-TV-Film, and I've worked in media and entertainment ever since. Along the realized significance of a strong Public Relations foundation so I pursued PR with passion and did a lot of on-the-job self-training in the Public Relations and Marketing space. Producer-Host: Some 10+ years ago I launched a TV show that expanded to national and global markets thanks to satellite TV and the Internet. I have always had a genuine interest in people; how and why they do what they do. So even before I considered producing my own TV show, I was always interviewing people. They could be perfect strangers that I saw doing something interesting or odd, or they could be people that I’ve known but wanted to know more. I realized that many of the stories people shared could benefit others if only I had a platform. So I created a show that focused on stories about people, their pursuits, their journeys and their outcomes. I made sure the show was heavily laced with music and high entertainment before a live studio audience. My content was always family-friendly and I remained true to my brand. My formula was successful as evidenced by a Nielsen rating of (1). My audiences grew and my viewers became faithful fans. Thankfully my consistency has earned me the trust of millions of people throughout the United States and beyond. The show is currently being rebooted and will launch this fall (2021) on ROKU. Funner (I think I just invented that word): I work out, dance, and walk 4-5 days a week. (Dancing may get increased to 8 days a week because Hubby and I just discovered “House Music” and well, when that music starts, we lose our minds. I love to go to the movies, the theater, concerts, and other live events. I enjoy cookouts and entertaining at home, to the point, Hubby and I built an outdoor deck that can seat nearly 200 people – replete with band stage, humongous movie screen, and Sound and Light system (I said I liked an audience). I also enjoy friendly competition of shooting pool, shooting hoops, and talking smack. My ability to bully or charm my opponents can be just as rewarding as winning the game. Writer & Storyteller: I’m considered by many to be an engaging and compelling writer and storyteller. I write anything from commercial jingles and TV/Radio copy to newspaper articles, press releases and screenplays. I love the art of storytelling (I know that’s the African in me), and it seems I have the perfect captivating story for almost any occasion – and if I don’t have one in the vicissitudes of my mind, I’ll just make one up on the spot. All I need is a little word association to jar my memory or a short gap of silence, and I can deliver something relatable, short, entertaining, and memorable. Humanitarian: Activities in life that are most important to me are those in which I have an opportunity to impact someone’s life. Talking to a parent about successful child-rearing, conversing with a spouse on how to have a happy and solid marriage, or letting a young person know how valuable their life is and how important their choices are, or oftentimes showing someone how much they matter just by the simple act of listening. I am a grateful heart because I know my life could have been so different than what it is. I live in a beautiful and gracious home; but I didn’t always. Hubby and I have a wonderful marriage, but it’s not because we’re so smart. We raised a healthy, loving, competent, and talented, daughter; but it’s not because we are so perfect. I learned to truly like myself – even if when I felt that others did not, and that’s something I had to work hard to do. But I’m here, and you’re reading about me, so I’m grateful. Each year Hubby and I host an event to raise funds for our local Rescue Mission. It’s a place where those without a home can find refuge. The Rescue Mission helps people who have somehow found themselves homeless, and they do a phenomenal job of making sure that no one is sleeping outside in the cold during the winter months here in Northeast Ohio. Hubby and I have a roof over our heads and shelter from the cold, so we do what we can to help someone else. Goals & Objectives: My goal is to connect and collaborate with producers of products and services who want to contribute positively to the lives and well-being of others. Sometimes those contributions come in the form of intangible services that engender good will, joy and a sense of peace and contentment, or freedom through empowering information, or knowledge of a better way of doing things. Or perhaps the product(s) might be something as simple as easy-cleaning cookware, an eco-friendly drinking straw, or a wonderful fragrance to emanate throughout your home. Whatever our calling or solution, let’s just want better for our neighbor, realizing that our neighbor is me and you.


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