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About this offer

Hi, I'm a Travel & Lifestyle blogger from Indonesia.

I would like to offer myself to do blog review in Indonesian Language on my personal blog.

I've done some blog reviews with pretty famous brands on my personal blog such as ZALORA(dot)CO(dot)ID (Clothing online shop), TOKOWAHAB(dot)COM (Marketplace pastry and bakery) and most recently was PLAYS(dot)ORG (Free online game site) etc.

Herewith the blog review project with plays(dot)org

and with tokowahab(dot)com

Please contact me if you are interested to work with me.

Thank You

About the influencer

Rizka Fadhilla

Rizka Fadhilla

7K Reach

Hi, I'm an employee and also a Lifestyle and Travel blogger from Indonesia.

I love traveling, photography, fashion, sweet food, and listening to music especially K-Pop.

My hobby is doing creative things such as crafting, crocheting, and making macrame. Even these hobbies became my small business.

And of course, blogging is a part of my hobby. I like to write down interesting experiences, hobbies, and other tips on my blog.

Actually, I like social media and have curious about them. So that I could say that I've almost tried all kinds of social media.

Lately, I active on Blog, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram but still manage my Facebook account.

Thank you for visiting my profile.


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