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Rob Gorski

Rob Gorski

80K Reach

Rob Gorski is the multiple award-winning author at [link-omitted] and host of The Autism Dad Podcast. Gorski has been a public advocate for the autism and special needs community, as well as a social media influencer for over a decade.

You will hear conversations about various parenting topics, mental health, autism, ADHD, technology, current events, and yes, sometimes even politics. It’s important to me that I approach these topics in a no-nonsense way and I don’t hide my views and opinions.

I’m not afraid to take on sensitive topics. Therefore, I talk about things, even when they are uncomfortable to talk about. I hope that everyone takes away something positive from each episode.

I’ve been writing daily for over a decade and have found that podcasting is a great new way to reach my audience. You can listen on every major podcasting platform.


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