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I will create a unique, 500-800 word reader friendly, informative blog post

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The post will be in a chatty, informative voice, and will focus on your brand or service, with appropriate links and anchor text of your choice. It will read as a blog post and not a specific sales or marketing pitch.
I will also share it on my Twitter account.

About the influencer

Jane Walters

Jane Walters

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I have over 10 years of experience in copywriting, blog posts, link placement, proofreading, and all the things you would expect from an influencer.

 I have 5 blogs covering a range of lifestyle subjects and 3 Instagram accounts. 

I've enjoyed 5 years in the wedding industry, as a wedding coordinator and planner at a boutique venue. 

I was responsible for social media posts and creating the copy for brochures. I gained experience in all things wedding-related, catering, and corporate hospitality.

Alongside this, within the grounds, I offered 3 guest rooms, listed on Airbnb, and quickly gained Superhost status, with excellent reviews and returning guests. My role comprised of meeting and greeting, changeover of bedding, cleaning, laundry, and general B & B room maintenance. 

With a huge passion for animals, I have previously built up a pet care business, caring for dogs whilst their owners are away. I have been a dog owner for over 20 years, and have experience with all breeds, and all sizes. My current dog is a SpringerPoo. 

We walk in very rural areas and cover around 3 miles a day. I enjoy walking in all weathers, as long as I have the appropriate clothing and footwear! 

I am a mature Mum and also have 4 Grandchildren, so completely up to speed with child care, children's clothing, books, and toys. school work and childhood illnesses. 

I have been married and divorced twice, so I'm no stranger to the highs and lows of relationships. I now live alone but enjoy travelling abroad, shopping, and eating out. 

I have a small garden which I maintain myself. I have revamped my home, myself, on a budget and enjoy sharing money-saving ideas.

With a keen interest in fashion, health, and nutrition, I am also an experienced home cook and I prepare food from scratch wherever possible. 

A lot of my focus is on saving money and making money, I am an established reseller, and enjoy charity shops and boot sales.


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