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I will create an integrated endorsement in my videos to promote your business!

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About this offer

I will personally endorse your product or service and integrate a commercial message between 30-90 seconds in length to appear at beginning or end of agreed upon number of Videos with a completed campaign agreement. You will need to provide me with a sample of your product or service in advance of ad creation, so I have proper time to test the product. You will need to provide me with specs and any ad copy that you want included in your endorsement campaign.

About the influencer

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark

29K Reach

Good afternoon,
If you are looking for an experienced Marketing Sales pro, then we should definitely talk! Hi- I'm Jennifer Clark. I have over 25 years of experience in Advertising, Sales & Marketing. I blog that about reviewing products & services. I am searching for products/services in need of integrated endorsements & reviews on my YouTube channels, Facebook, Twitter or written reviews on Google, Amazon, Substack, Medium & Reddit.

I'm an experienced, published writer with the ability to educate and excite my viewers & followers to participate and engage. I have several YouTube channels. "The Speak Easy Lounge" channel genre is Music & Music reactions. The main demo is Men 35+. I also have a new YouTube channel called "My Reviewsy." which is specifically dedicated to product & service review videos.

I am available to write/create/promote for your campaignon several platforms & your website! I have a Facebook page & Group, dedicated to My Reviewsy as well as accounts with Reddit, Rumble, Medium, Quora, Twitter, Instagran & Pintrest. I have a personal Linkedin account that I also use to promote myself and network. I have written copy and created commercials for TV, Radio and Print. I have published many monthly, quarterly magazines, and Fun Maps throughout the Florida region for my own small business.

I am an entrepreneur and have ran several businesses creating publications, and also creating & promoting events, like Fashion shows & charity functions. Rest assured that I can create substantive content that will get your message/business/product/service to the right audience, and generate the feedback, inquiries, sales or responses that you are currently looking for. If you would like to know more about me and what I do, you can find me across multiple platforms under my name, Jennifer Clark or under my primary platform brand, "The Speak Easy Lounge" & "My Reviewsy".

I would like to know more about you, your business, it's primary ad/marketing goals and how we might be a fit for a successful collaboration. What is the best day/time for us to meet in a video chat? I am EST, so please consider this in your response. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Jennifer Clark

MORE INFO-** Advertising & Marketing-Over 25+ years of experience in B2B & B2C. TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Social Media & YouTube. I am outspoken, persuasive and am a lover of words! A wordsmith, if you will.

I am an internationally published author currently working on my first novel about "Adoption", Being adopted myself, I have insight into this very emotional subject. I have a Facebook group/page & a YouTube channel called "Adoption Diaries", which delves into this touchy topic. It is primarily for the adoptee, the adoptive parent, the birth parent, siblings or anyone interested in this fascinating subject. Offering resources and advice, while allowing others to tell their stories. 

I also have an additional YouTube channel, "Mood Music Videos" for those looking to relax, sleep, meditate, or get cuddly with that someone special! My experience with people, one on one or speaking in front of a large crowd is one of my favorite things to do. I excel when I am on air, or in front of an audience!

I find what works- and I work it! I would be happy to supply you with written recommendations if you desire. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your Brand, Product or Service and creating a Campaign that is Unique, Attention grabbing and Profitable! 


Jennifer Clark


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