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I will tell the truth,if i don't like a product,i'll be honest

1 Video Review on TikTok

Account #1 (1K Reach)

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Honest review
+ $50
I will give a serious and honest opinion on the product in a video that can last from 60 seconds to 3 minutes, also talking about the brand and its history, after having carefully informed myself
+ $60
I will make a video with good quality, in macro mode to best show the pack of products and applying them on the face to best show their qualities such as texture, consistency, color, etc.
Asmr TikTok
+ $55
I will create a video where it will be all about the sounds, from the opening of the secondary pack to the clinking of the nails on the primary pack, applying the product in order to better grasp the texture
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About this offer

I will make comparisons between the brand that will send me the product and another brand of the same price range (without showing the other product, for a matter of ethics) and I will tell my truth, I will not lie to my followers, if I don't like a product or it has characteristics that are not good for my skin (both makeup and skincare, none excluded) I will be clear both with the brand and with my followers. I personally would never follow a person who is capable of lying in order to receive free products, I will always be honest in all the reviews I will give. I have many ideas for many different video formats, and I always try to put a pinch of myself into everything I do, without ever distorting my personality and my ways of doing things.

About the influencer

Francesca Giordano

Francesca Giordano

1K Reach
Let me introduce, my name is Francesca and I’m a small content creator and a beauty and skincare micro-influencer. My work mainly concerns the beauty world, both makeup and skincare. I’m active on both TikTok and Instagram where you can find me as @theoryofadeadmua.  On my accounts I bring contents that mainly concerns makeup and skincare, in which I often test and give feedback on the products that interest me the most, or that are requested by my followers.


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