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I will publish prepared information to my readers on my Facebook page that you provide regarding your product, including where to purchase.

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Kimberly Miller

Kimberly Miller

51K Reach

I'm Kim - Kimmi to my friends - and the mom, author, photographer, creator, and social media junky behind Life in a House. I try to share helpful tips for your home and family life and everything that encompasses while raising two sons - and now two granddaughters! 

Our family ranges in age from 19 to 64 - and you name it, one of us likes it! We review all types of food and drinks, home products, outside decor, dog and guinea pig products, and more!

Our family consists of my husband John, my sons Jonathan and Tre, my granddaughters Amelia and Aubree, and of course, we cannot leave out our JackChi, Molly, who honestly thinks she is human! We just recently added Grace & Frankie, my two guinea pigs!

I am open to most types of collaborations so if you have a question - just ask! I usually respond within an hour or so.


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