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I will repost your brand/product video.

1 Social Engagement on YouTube

Account #1 (138K Reach)
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About this offer

I will repost your Brand/Product Video or integrate your promo in any suitable themed video on your request.
I have a growing Subscribers List on my YouTube Shorts Channel (60,000+) with Over a Million Views/ Day From Tier1&2 Countries.
** Shorts Video are under a minute long

Your Brand/Product will get a very good Exposure.
Prices Negotiable.

About the influencer

Ranveer Thabah

Ranveer Thabah

138K Reach

Hi my name is Ranveer Thabah.  I have a Channel on YouTube by the name "Rugged Machines ". At present I Focus mainly on Short Videos running within 1 minute. My Videos Topics are mostly tech related which includes Heavy engineering Machines, Industrial manufacturing materials processes, factory production process , construction techniques technology, Computer hardwares , graphics Videos, DIY'S Short videos, art and crafts , various tools used in construction/woodworking etc , Steel fabrication even rc cars Videos and anything from pins to computers or arts and crafts ro name a few. I have uploaded more than 1000+ Videos and have a growing Subscribers List. Till date I have around 59,000 Subscribers from All Over the Globe. My Total Video Views in the last 5 months is approx 100+M. 
I can promote your products through my channel by video integration or directly publish your promo videos provided they are within a minute of duration. For more information please contact me.


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