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1 Video Review on YouTube

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I'll do a YouTube video review in excess of 5min.
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About this offer

There are enough curmudgeons out there who review products and never award 5 out of 5 stars because the product didn't transform their lives into a state of bliss.
Well, here at Talk To The Hand Reviews, we see the good in everything, and we're not afraid to enthusiastically share those positives with everyone who will listen!
Get an entertaining product review by the sensational talking hand, Mitzi Handsome, and human sidekick, Bo, a former professional cosmetics and perfume rep for top brands including Christian Dior and Guerlain.

About the influencer

Mitzi Handsome

Mitzi Handsome

23 Reach

I LOVE MAKEUP!!! And I'm ENTHUSIASTIC about product reviews! :D Mitzi (the hand) helps say things the face might be too shy to express, and adds a light-hearted, comedic, conversational element to the videos. I enjoy sharing my thoughts about cosmetics, perfume, fashion, health, nutrition, keto, low carb, Atkins diet, organic foods, flower arrangements, gardening, shopping, and bargains.

Hello you lovely ladies and handsome gents! 

Welcome to our show called Talk to the Hand Reviews! Its all in good fun as sassy Mitzi and her sidekick Bo enjoy the world of makeup. Normally our star, Mitzi Handsome, the actual hand of TTTHR would host and maybe have her makeup done.

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Join us in our quest to make Mitzi Handsome the first HAND on YouTube to receive ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

We're the only channel that we know of where you actually hear it straight from the hand, our resident spokesperson, sassy makeup-loving Mitzi Handsome. Her sidekick Bo does makeup demos on both Mitzi and herself, and enthusiastically talks about products she likes, while commenting on this, that, and MAKEUP!

And let's talk about makeup!


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