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I will Tweet your brand to 24k followers

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Account #1 (27K Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $50
I'll share the Tweet with all my email subscribers.
+ $50
I'll Retweet on Twitter up to 3 different times.
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+ $50
I'll follow the original tweet with your @ tag and a call to follow so that my followers are directed to your brand's twitter account.
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About this offer

The tweet will get your product or service noticed by my 24,200 engaged Twitter followers, who follow me for mental health & lifestyle posts.

The tweet will clearly be marked as an advert with #ad. I've always had a good response to adverts when previously working with brands.

I'm not able to promote products that contain alcohol or weight loss products as they wouldn't be appropriate for my content/account.

Tweet can include up to 4 images and a link directly to your website.

Look forward to working with you!

About the influencer

Anneli Roberts

Anneli Roberts

27K Reach

Award winning blogger with a passion for art, recovery and mental health 

Pigletish is in the top 10 mental health blogs (Vuelio May 2021) and features posts about self care, mental health, wellbeing, home, lifestyle and garden.

I share self care tips, health information and posts about the things that bring us comfort.

I've worked in collaboration with a number of brands on blog posts and social media campaigns. 

Types of collaborations I offer: 

  • Sponsored posts
  • Reviews
  • Listicles
  • Sidebar Advertising

Examples of posts on my site: 

  • Self care ideas under 10 minutes
  • Preventative measures to keep your hair from tangling
  • 100 Places to go when you can't leave the house
  • 10 Cottagecore bedding ideas for your dream vintage space
  • The best bird feeders for your garden

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