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I will use my platform to advertise products/services

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About this offer

I will advertise products/services that my followers might be interested in purchasing. My followers are also active in engaging in my posts that's why it is guaranteed that they will be hearing from your brand accordingly.

About the influencer

Allyson Abad

Allyson Abad

8K Reach

Hi there! I'm Allyson from the Philippines!

My socials: 

instagram- [link-omitted]_life

youtube- [link-omitted] 

TikTok- [link-omitted]@_allyeng?_t=8gz8nK2DN58&_r=1

For inquiries and sponsorship, email me at: [link-omitted]

I do vlogs about living alone, school, and beauty! If you wanna work with me, feel free to hit the message button in my influencer profile. You can also find me in different social media platforms listed above


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