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I will post a professional video reviewing your product

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

Professional video editor. Content Creator. Audience of young adults and teens. High Engagement Rate.
All of that describes me, Matt, and hopefully soon it will be used to help promote your product.
Through YouTube I will create an engaging video promoting your product that is guaranteed to reach large audiences and send traffic to your company.
But why choose me? With my professional editing skills and knowledge of the YouTube community, I will create a highly engaging video that will draw in viewers and get them interested in my product. Don’t believe me? Check out an attachments image of a video I posted promoting a brand I was working with, that has almost 10k views and continues to grow in views at an exponential rate.
I hope you will consider working together and thank you!

About the influencer

The Lego Brick

The Lego Brick

11K Reach

My name is Matt. I am a social media Content Creator focusing on Legos, Star Wars, and similar niches.

My largest platform is on Instagram, where I have an engagement rate of 15.3%, but I have similar followings on other platforms as well.

If you are looking to target young adults or teenagers, I am the perfect fit. My audience loves to buy fun items and I have a strong connection with them that allows me to market products extremely effectively.

Please reach out with any offers and I would love to work with your brand to create a mutually beneficial opportunity.


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