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I can help increasing your tweet engagement by retweeting your tweet so you also got my 1000+ followers attentions. I believe i can help promoting your tweet and account in positive light so you can gain more engagement and followers simultaneously.

About the influencer

Erick Sebayang

Erick Sebayang

2K Reach

Hi, I'm Erick!

I'm the owner of [link-omitted], solutive & informative blog about lastest IT things. Mainly i write article about Android, Blog, Computer, Internet, Game, Social Media and Internet. 

I've been work with a lot of brand and people to help them increasing their website authority and brand image with content placement and sponsored post cooperation.

I have good knowledge about SEO and content writing. I also actively using social media like youtube, instagram, twitter and facebook so i know how to use it as promotion media.

Really hope to become your next work partner!


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