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I will share your custom message on Twitter.

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We will tweet your message to our followers. We have a large Twitter following that loves family based, parenting, technology and more.

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Jenna Goodwin has been active in the online social media community since 2007. As a Mom of 4, Jenna shares stories of our life with twins and staying busy as a family. 

Working independently as a family blogger, Jenna has worked with a variety of brands that include WB, Hoover, Evenflo, WWE, Hallmark, Fisher-Price, Wizard World and many more.

Jenna's skills include:
Campaign Management
Social Media Management
Brand Promotion
Blog Promotion/Virtual Assistant Services.
Ghost Writing
Social Media Campaigning (Twitter Party Hosts, Live Event Tweeting, Facebook Promotion)
Creative Writing

Jenna is available to work with small and large businesses and flexible to help create the best brand promotion per client.


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