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I will advertise

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About this offer

I will market and advertise te product
collect views on products
Engage the audience to understand what product the require and how they require it to be

About the influencer

walter mwanga

walter mwanga

185 Reach

                                                          MWANGA BURUDI WALTER

                                                          E-MAIL [link-omitted]

                                                           PHONE NO: 0723018230




 Dear hiring manager;

Please accept this letter and the attached resume as an indication of my sincere interest in the open position in your organization that I found out through various advertisements and publications

I have been passionate about working and performing my duties in accordance with the terms of the organization and to put my passion and skills to work [link-omitted] my pursuit for my new opportunities I would welcome a chance to work for you.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Mwanga Burudi[link-omitted] Walter





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