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I will Help with a video review/promotion of the product/service/brand

4 Video Review on YouTube

Account #1 (379 Reach)
Account #2 (3K Reach)
Account #3 (1K Reach)
Account #4 (94 Reach)

Add-on Services

+ $30
I'll share the YouTube post with all my email subscribers.
Extra long review
+ $40
I'll do a YouTube video review in excess of 5min.
Custom graphics
+ $10
I'll include custom graphics on the YouTube video.
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About this offer

I have different YouTube channels and can review the product/promote the service or the brand as per need. Videos are ranked with SEO keywords to ensure maximum visibility.

About the influencer

Rachit Sethi

Rachit Sethi

11K Reach

Business coach and a Mentor.

I help people to start a new online business. Speciality areas are E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing.

Blogger, YouTuber, Pets lover, Podcaster, Leading communities as I teach.

Loves to record videos to educate and promote products. Have my e-courses as well for students and learners

Blogger since 2011 and loves to share my heart out with the community

In the digital space since 2018 running businesses of affiliate marketing, online business coaching and  eCommerce selling my own products

As I am coaching have built an audience and a community which resonates with the ideas shared with them and help them to motivate and take action

Reviews and feedback are what makes the brand a brand and hence excited to leap into this journey and help brands to my best capacity as an influencer to help and grow sales. I love to use all available options like blogging, podcast, videos, amazon or as discussed with the brand 

Let's make this a success


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