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Learn why more and more authors are relying on Influencers to help them get the word out about their books. When it comes to collaborating, it is important to get connected to the right kind of influencers. Our growing network is comprised of trusted peer-level readers with engaged audiences. These thought leaders range from authors themselves to avid readers that can’t wait to share their favorite books with others. Using our Advanced Filters, you can narrow down the list of candidates that best represent your subject or topic niche. Our affordable plans make it easy for authors to run dynamic influencer marketing campaigns while staying within budget!

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Our Influencer network is comprised of reputable peer-level travelers spanning the globe. No matter where (or what) you are looking to promote, chances are we’ve got you covered. From luxury travel Influencers to the rugged, adventurous type – you don’t have to look any further to find the best way to connect with social travel Influeners.

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U.S. Sales of eBooks in the last 3 quarters of 2017


Global book sales are slated to grow to this amount by 2020


18-29 year olds read a book last year

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We are an influencer marketing (unlike no other) is committed to helping you grow your reader base in an efficient manner. We proudly offer plans tailored to each budget, so you can partner with trusted influencers and promote your writings at a fraction of the cost of competing services. Could you use a little more convincing before you join? We can help you choose the the option that will fit you best. Request a free demo with an Intellifluence Support team member. There’s no obligation (although we’re certain you’ll love it!)

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