ALYSHA LITTLEJOHN Influencer Spotlight

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Alysha Littlejohn is the founder, crafter, hands & heart behind Littlejohn’s Yarn – a resource for crochet patterns, decor inspiration, tips and tricks and reviews. Alysha is also an arts and crafts influencer on the Intellifluence influencer marketing platform. Alysha’s love for crochet began at the age of 7 and [...]

IGNACE ALEYA Influencer Spotlight

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Ignace Aleya is a Belgium-based YouTube content creator, filmmaker, visual FX artist and entertainment influencer on Intellifluence. At the age of 14, Ignace found his passion for film and started making short films until he was discovered on YouTube by some directors to do visual effects for a feature film [...]

STEPHANIE CONROY Influencer Spotlight

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Stephanie Conroy is a mother of four and the creator of the Steph’s Life, a blog that follows the daily life of what she describes as a typical American family, just a little bigger. Stephanie has partnered with her children to create product reviews and three out of the four [...]