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If arts and crafts are your thing, we get you. So do our influencers! We have thousands of influencers who love arts and crafts as much as you do, and they are ready to share your goods and services with their audience. Our influencer marketing platform is like no other – it’s powerful, yet simple and affordable. All at the same time. We invite you to join our platform and create your first campaign. It only takes a few minutes and you will be interacting with trusted influencers in no time! Get started today and see how easy it is to build influence and increase your sales.

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Our Influencer network is comprised of reputable peer-level travelers spanning the globe. No matter where (or what) you are looking to promote, chances are we’ve got you covered. From luxury travel Influencers to the rugged, adventurous type – you don’t have to look any further to find the best way to connect with social travel Influeners.

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of US households craft at least once a year


of older Millennials use online videos to learn an art/craft skill


size of the creative industry in the United States in 2016

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Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform that is able to help you promote your arts and crafts to your core audience. We have developed several custom plan options that are tailored to every budget (no matter the size), so you can find the most relevant peer-influencers in the arts and crafts sphere and promote your work at a fraction of the cost of competing services. If you could use a little more convincing before you take the plunge, we don’t blame you! Book a demo today and a friendly team member will show you all that we have to offer. We think you’ll love it!

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